Pakistan Budget 2018-19

The federal govt will existing the worth range for the fiscal 365 days 2018-19 for approval from the Nationwide Meeting on April 27, 2018, Adviser to the Top Minister on Finance, Earnings and Financial Affairs Miftah Ismail mentioned on Friday. Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Ismail pointed out that the federal govt has taken all political parties into self-belief about the Pakistan Budget 2018-19, which he mentioned can be equipped on April 27 ahead of the five-12 months tenure of the incumbent Govt ends on May 31, 2018.

Pakistan Budget 2016-17

Pakistan Budget 2016-17 is predicted to introduced in the first week of June 2016 as per Finance minister Mr. Ishaq Dar. The Federal Board of Income (FBR) has already sought the funds proposals for the upcoming monetary yr (FY) 2016-2017 from its box officers in addition to from other stakeholders, together with the trade neighborhood. The proposals, relating to the Normal gross Sales Tax and Federal Excise Duty, had been sought thru two letters, FBR wrote to its container officers and businessmen The department has set March 2 as a deadline for the submission of those proposals. It has additionally requested that the proposals must be professional-income, and focal point on broadening the tax base, and that amendments could be prompt to be able to achieve simplification, put off difficulties and anomalies and to abolish any outdated provisions. “FBR would especially welcome proposals for disposing of tax fraud, faux and flying invoices, plugging loopholes, if any, facilitating actual taxpayers and making the process clear,” the FBR said within the letters. It introduced that the proposals should be put forward, preserving in view the effects of these proposals for different associated change teams.

Imran Khan and Reham Khan’s Nikkah takes place


ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan has wed TV anchorperson Reham Khan and their Nikkah ceremony was held at the Bani Gala residence of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman. PTI leader Imran Ismail told Geo News that Khan’s Nikkah had taken place at Bani Gala today (Thursday) and the Valima ceremony will be held on Friday.The news of Khan’s Nikkah was also confirmed by Shireen Mazari on Twitter. Mazari tweeted that there would be no wedding or Valima receptions and on Friday food would be distributed among poor children.Khan’s close friends Zakir Khan and Aun Chaudhry were his witnesses for the Nikkah.

Geo News English's photo.
Geo News English's photo.
Geo News English's photo.
Geo News English's photo.

The nikkah was read by Mufti Saeed who spoke with reporters after the ceremony had been completed. When asked by a Geo News correspondent if Imran’s sisters were present, he replied that there were some women present who he did not recognize.Mufti Saeed further said that the Haq Mehr was Rs 100,000. Geo News had learnt that Khan’s wedding would be a simple affair and only attended by close family and friends.The PTI chairman wore a sherwani and Peshawari chappal, while Reham Khan wore an off-white wedding dress.





A Good SMS Circulating In Karachi

Yes we are bad in many things, 

But are we not good in many things too?
Then why do we not talk about it?

Subject: A Good SMS Circulating In KarachiI am not just bombs, poverty and corruption.

I am EdHis Philanthropy.
I am Arfa Karim’s brilliance.
I am Afridi’s exuberance.
I am Miandads six.
I am Nusrat Fateh Ali’s vocal chords.
I am fastest growing IT industry.
I am in four weathers.
I am second highest mountain.
I have 8 0f 20 highest peaks.
I am 7th nuclear power.
I am 4th nation to build cruise missiles.
I broke soviet union.
I am hospitality.
I am epitome of resilience.
I am the best armed forces of the world.
I am one of the few bravest nations of the world.
“Yes I Am Pakistan – May Allah Bless Pakistan”

Pakistan Corruption – What is my role to Stop it!

What is Corruption:
Corruption is the phenomenon of moral or economical deviation from the ideal. Corruption is a world-wide social disease which has spread like jungle fire and impacting millions of lives every day consequently polluting every society.

What are different Types of Corruption:
· Financial Corruption (frauds in terms of money, land, tax or any other economical domain)
· Relationship Corruption (Unfair treatment, depriving from the rights, backbiting etc)
· Self Corruption (short cuts in life, negative deeds etc)
· Character Corruption (de-faming someone, back biting, gossips etc)
· Atmospheric Corruption (throwing garbage in streets, not having the car serviced now and then, using old engine high-smoke vehicles)
· Social Corruption: traffic signal violation, queue breaking,

Am I corrupt?
Do I reach office later? Or leave office early? Do I use facilities provided by office for my personal use (for which office does not know)? Do I break the queue at any public place? Do I violate traffic signal? Do I throw the garbage/bags/stickers at any public place? Do I pay the tax/zakat honestly? If answer to any of these question is Yes, then yes you I am corrupt.
Always remember, If I am violating any law by any means then I am promoting the disease of corruption. For example, if I violate the red signal on the road or violate the queue at any public place then a lot of people observing me will tend to do this whenever and wherever they get a chance. So, in the long run, I am equally responsible for the bad deeds done by others.

How to eradicate / reduce corruption:
· Assurance of Law and order.
· Equal Treatment of all human beings at all level.
· Proper Control of documents, records and processes to have solid grip on activities at all levels.
· Timely audits and investigations to be done at all levels of personal/official/business level.
· Punishments examples to be set so that others can stay away from bad deeds.
· Keep clarity and transparency at all levels starting from the formulation of the programs / projects / schemes / welfare measures / mechanism with the full participation of all the stakeholders. This article written by Junaid (mjunaidtahir at gmail dot com – feel free to comment)
· Anti corruption squads to be more active. Bribery should be punished immediately.
· Justice to be ensured. It is said, Justice delayed is Justice denied.
· Legal restrictions and regulations need to be in place

What is my role in all this:
· · I shall stop whoever I observe doing corruption. I shall not only complain when corruption is done against me, but I shall speak up all the times regardless who is the subject & object of the corruption.
· I shall teach my friends and family members (including kids) about bad consequences of corruption.
· I will not give money to anyone for fast service for getting things done quickly in any illegal way.
I shall not violate any law. I won’t do any illegal/illogical act.I shall always be on the right side of the law.
We can not control Corruption unless and until each one of us perform our responsibilities inline with Law and Order regulations. Further, Education and awareness is required very much to control corruption. We know that education and awareness are the major factors which control our thought process. Our thoughts lead us to actions so our thoughts are the roots of our action. Hence, purity in our thoughts is the root cause of our character. hence Education and awareness is extremely important.
Controlling corruption is the need of the hour in order to make the planet a peaceful place to live in.

Pakistan Budget 2014-15 has been announced !

Pakistan Budget 2014-15

Pakistan Finances 2014-15 has been introduced. Federal cabinet on Tuesday announced the federal budget for the 12 months 2014-15, with a complete outlay of Rs. 3.945 trillion, and a Public Sector Development Programme allotted at Rs. 525 billion. Consult with for budget speech, Salient options of this budget and different valuable element.

Bahria Town Karachi (Overseas Block)

Bahria Town Karachi (Overseas Block)

Project Attraction:
A Master-Planned Community with World-Class Infrastructure and Facilities Exclusively For Overseas Pakistanis

Project Type:  Master- planned gated community

Project Status:  Booking Open for Overseas Pakistanis Only

Last Date for Booking is 10th March 2014

Bahria Town Karachi Overseas Block Ready for Booking

Confirm Booking on First Come, First Served Basis  | Payment in up-to 5 years easy installments

Project Availability:

Lakeview Block adjacent to a magnificent lake

Golf Course Block adjacent to USGA Standard Golf course

Residential plots:  250,500,1000 and 2000 Sq. Yards

Commercial plots:
  125,200 and 250 Sq. yards

Bahria Homes:
  125 and 200 Sq. yards

Bahria Apartments:
  2,3 &4-bed

Strategicallylocated within Bahria Town Karachi. Click here for the location map of Bahria Town Karachi.

Only Overseas Pakistanis can apply for booking. Booking forms can be downloaded from the link below and can be submitted at Bahria Town offices or nationwide selected branches of HBL Bank, UBL and NIB Bank.

All downloaded forms have a unique Serial Number generated as soon as they are downloaded. In case you want to apply for more than one property, download the form again so that a new serial number is generated.

Click here for Booking Form

Click here for Payment Plans

Click here for Press Ad

Click here to view the Bahria Town Karachi Overseas Block TVC

Click here for Nationwide Selected Bank Branches details.

Click here for Bank Routing details in Dollars.

Click here for Bank Routing details in Pounds.

Click here for Bank Routing details in Euro.

Community Features

•   Master-planned gated community
•   Advanced security & rescue services
•  100 % backup power (No Load-shedding)
•   Transport system from Bahria Town to City Centre
•   Landscaped parks and lifestyle facilities
•   Pakistan’s largest shopping mall
•   Spacious open green areas
•   International theme park, play-land and water-rides


Special discount will be given on membership for Golf Course. Overseas Pakistanis with an eye for adistinguished lifestyle can get themselves booked in the Premium Block.


Bahria Town Upcoming Project- Bahria Paradise

bahria paradise

Bahria Paradise

Bahria Paradise

Project Attraction:
Luxury apartment’s project comprising of high-rise residential towers, with modern in-house health and entertainment facilities essential for community living. A special and exclusive attraction is the breath taking view of the Soan River and the Green Valley.

Project Type: High rise residential towers complex master planned with modern in-house and community amenities.

Location: At the gateway to Bahria Town Phases 1-6 from the main GT Road

Available: Studio apartments comprising of 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedrooms with shared podium and basement parking.

Throw yourself in the lap of luxury at the Bahria Paradise. True to its title this development caresses you with the bounties of both nature and modernity that are exclusive within the national confines.

This luxurious tower compound forms an integrated part of a larger master-planned community combining residential apartments, offices, luxury hotel and the ultramodern shopping mall.

Two clubhouses with food courts and laundry service help you minimize your domestic errands. A community centre, a bowling alley, and a fully fitted gym with screened swimming pool, Sauna and Jacuzzi are some of the added pleasures of living in Bahria Paradise. You simply come to the most convenient, self-sufficient, fine community and the most progressive address in Pakistan.


Tiled floor finishes, featuring stone counter tops and selected cabinetry
Confirmed underground parking for all apartments
Entry to the building through a grand lobby
Reception services
Elevator service to all floors
24- hour security card controlled access for vehicles and pedestrians
CCTV security to car park and entry lobbies
Facility Management Services
Garbage disposal
External common spaces
External windows cleaning
Gardening and pool maintenance to common spaces
Exterior pest control

Shared Features

Bahria Shopping Mall
PGA Standard 18 hole Golf Course
Community Club
Club House
The biggest manmade lake master planned by TAK management    Malaysia
Mini golf course
Commercial area
Safari Club