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Tyre burst and its prevention

Tyre burst and its prevention

As temperatures rise during the scorching summer months, one common road hazard that motorists often encounter is tyre bursts. Tyre bursts can be extremely dangerous, leading to accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. Understanding why these incidents occur and taking preventive measures can significantly enhance road safety. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind tyre bursts in summer and explore effective preventive measures to minimize the risk.


Prevention: Regularly monitor and maintain the air pressure in your tyres. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure levels and adjust them accordingly. Additionally, avoid over-inflating the tyres, as it can intensify the pressure build-up during high temperatures. This is a must for tyre burst prevention.

Tyre burst and its prevention

Prevention: Regularly monitor and maintain the air pressure in your tyres. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure levels and adjust them accordingly. Additionally, avoid over-inflating the tyres, as it can intensify the pressure build-up during high temperatures.

Under-Inflation and Overloading:

Under-inflated tyres are a common problem that exacerbates the risk of a tyre burst. When tyres lack the proper amount of air, they generate excessive heat due to increased friction with the road surface. This heat build-up weakens the tyre’s structure, making it more susceptible to sudden failure.

Overloading the vehicle also places excessive strain on the tyres, causing them to overheat and potentially burst. During summer road trips, when people tend to carry more luggage or passengers, the risk of overloading becomes higher.

Prevention: Regularly check the tyre pressure using a reliable pressure gauge. Inflate the tyres to the recommended levels based on the manufacturer’s guidelines. Furthermore, ensure that your vehicle is not overloaded and adhere to the recommended weight limits. Distribute the weight evenly across the vehicle to avoid excessive pressure on individual tyres.

Poor Tyre Maintenance:

Neglecting proper tyre maintenance is another significant contributor to tyre bursts. Over time, tyres naturally deteriorate due to wear and tear, making them more vulnerable to failure. Factors such as worn-out treads, cuts, bulges, and cracks weaken the structural integrity of the tyres, increasing the likelihood of a blowout, especially when exposed to higher temperatures.

Prevention: Regularly inspect your tyres for signs of damage, including uneven wear, cuts, bulges, or cracks. If you notice any issues, promptly replace the affected tyre(s). Maintain proper tread depth by regularly checking and rotating the tyres as recommended by the manufacturer. Consider investing in high-quality tyres that are more resistant to heat and wear.

Increased Temperature and Air Pressure:

One primary factor contributing to tyre bursts in summer is the substantial increase in ambient temperature. When the outside temperature rises, the air inside the tyres expands, leading to an increase in air pressure. Excessive air pressure can strain the tyre walls, making them more prone to failure. As a result, the chances of a tyre burst rise significantly during hot weather conditions.

Speed and Driving Habits:

Excessive speed and aggressive driving habits can put immense strain on tyres, particularly in hot weather conditions. High-speed driving generates more heat, and the combination of heat and increased friction can significantly compromise tyre integrity.

Prevention: Drive responsibly and adhere to speed limits. Avoid abrupt braking and acceleration, as it puts unnecessary stress on the tyres. Gradual braking and acceleration not only improve fuel efficiency but also reduce the risk of heat build-up and potential tyre bursts.


Tyre bursts during summer can have severe consequences, endangering lives and causing accidents. By understanding the causes behind tyre bursts and implementing preventive measures, motorists can significantly reduce the risk of such incidents. Regular tyre maintenance, proper inflation, avoiding overloading, responsible driving habits, and investing in high-quality tyres are all essential steps towards ensuring road safety. By prioritizing these measures, we can have a safer and more enjoyable driving experience during the hot summer months.

A New Food Recipe website has been launched!

Food recipes

Allrecipes247.com is a comprehensive website that caters to individuals looking for the best recipes worldwide. It offers an extensive range of dishes, from straightforward weekday dinners to extravagant meals for special occasions. With thousands of recipes available, users will never run out of inspiration for their next culinary experiment.

What distinguishes Allrecipes247.com from other recipe websites is the diversity of its recipe collection. The website has everything from classic comfort foods like macaroni and cheese and pot roast to international favorites like sushi and pad Thai. Regardless of individual preferences or dietary restrictions, Allrecipes247.com provides something for everyone.

Furthermore, the website’s user community is another remarkable feature. It is an excellent platform for both professional chefs and home cooks passionate about cooking and sharing their knowledge. Users can interact with each other, share recipes, ask for advice, and participate in discussions about all things food-related through the website’s forum.

Apart from its recipe collection and community features, Allrecipes247.com also offers a range of resources for home cooks. It has a section dedicated to cooking tips and techniques, where users can learn everything from basic skills like chopping an onion to more advanced techniques like making homemade pasta. Additionally, the website has articles on food trends, cooking equipment reviews, and other relevant content, so users can stay informed on the latest developments in the culinary world.

Allrecipes247.com’s user-friendly website design is another plus. It has a straightforward search function that enables users to find recipes easily by ingredient, cuisine, dietary preference, or occasion. Users can also save recipes to their recipe box for quick access or print them out for a physical copy in their kitchen.

In conclusion, Allrecipes247.com is an outstanding resource for anyone who loves to cook or wants to explore new culinary horizons. With its vast collection of recipes, supportive community, and helpful resources, it is the ultimate go-to for all things food-related. Whether an experienced home cook or a novice looking to try something new, Allrecipes247.com has everything needed to create delicious and unforgettable meals for oneself and your loved ones.

Magic Freebies

Magic freebies” refer to promotional offers where companies give away free products or samples as a way to attract new customers or reward loyal ones. Companies often distribute free samples to increase awareness and generate interest in new or existing products. These samples are usually small, but they allow potential customers to try out a product before committing to a purchase.

There are many different types of products that are given away as free samples, including food and beverage items, beauty and skincare products, household goods, and health and wellness supplements. Companies may also offer free service trials or discounts, such as streaming subscriptions, online courses, or software applications.

To receive free samples or magic freebies, customers can typically sign up for them on the company’s website or social media pages, or by filling out a form or survey. Some companies also distribute free samples in stores or at events.

Freebies samples
Freebies Samples

It is important to note that while free samples can be a great way to discover new products, they are often limited in availability and may require specific qualifications, such as being a new customer or meeting certain demographic requirements. Additionally, some companies may require customers to provide personal information or complete other tasks in order to receive their free samples, so it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up.

US Travel restrictions

US Travel restrictions

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States has implemented various travel restrictions in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. These restrictions have had a significant impact on the travel industry, and have made it difficult for many people to travel to and from the United States.

One of the most significant travel restrictions implemented by the United States is the ban on entry for non-US citizens who have been in certain countries within the previous 14 days. As of February 2023, the list of restricted countries includes China, Iran, Brazil, South Africa, the European Schengen Area, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. This ban does not apply to US citizens, permanent residents, or certain other exempted individuals.

US Travel restrictions

Another major travel restriction implemented by the United States is the requirement for all international air passengers to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before boarding their flight. This requirement applies to all passengers, including US citizens and permanent residents, and is designed to help prevent the spread of the virus across international borders.

In addition to these restrictions, the United States has also implemented various quarantine and self-isolation requirements for individuals traveling to the country. Depending on the state or territory of their destination, travelers may be required to self-quarantine for up to 14 days upon arrival and may be subject to additional testing or monitoring requirements.

These restrictions have had a significant impact on the travel industry, which has seen a sharp decline in both domestic and international travel since the start of the pandemic. Many airlines and hotels have been forced to cut back on staff and services, and some have even gone out of business as a result of the travel restrictions and decreased demand for travel.

Despite the challenges posed by these travel restrictions, many individuals and organizations have been working to find ways to safely resume travel to and from the United States. For example, some airlines have implemented enhanced cleaning and safety protocols on their planes, while others have developed new technologies and systems to help track and monitor the health of passengers.

There has also been significant progress made in the development and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, which many experts believe will play a critical role in eventually lifting travel restrictions and allowing people to travel more freely. As more people around the world become vaccinated against the virus, it is likely that travel restrictions will gradually be eased, and the travel industry will begin to recover.

In conclusion, the travel restrictions implemented by the United States in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have had a significant impact on the travel industry and on people’s ability to travel to and from the United States. While these restrictions have been necessary to slow the spread of the virus and protect public health, they have also caused significant economic hardship and have made it difficult for many people to see loved ones, conduct business, and engage in other important activities. As the world continues to grapple with the pandemic, it is likely that travel restrictions will continue to evolve and change in response to changing circumstances and new information about the virus.

Travelling On A Budget

Travelling is quite possibly of the most thrilling thing you can do in your life. You fly to extraordinary areas and meet intriguing individuals from everywhere the world. Be that as it may, going on a low spending plan can be comparably interesting assuming you know where to look.

Need to travel, yet entirely stressed over the expense? Simply relax – there are ways of going on a tight spending plan! In this blog entry, we’ll give you a few hints on the most proficient method to set aside cash while travelling. So don’t allow funds to keep you down – get arranging your next experience!

Think of A Proper Plan

This is the thing I like to call the “spending plan voyager’s fantasy“. Going in this manner implies that you don’t need to burn through every last cent each time you go out. All you want is a smidgen of information and some brilliant preparation.

The initial step to going on a low financial plan is to delineate your course. Contemplate where you need to go, the dates of your movements and how much cash you have accessible. To head off to some place far away, it could be ideal to begin with an objective nearby and sort out your direction.

When you have a thought of where you need to go and while making a rundown of things you really want for your outing. This can incorporate things, for example, convenience, food and transport costs. Think about any costs like air terminal charges or visa prerequisites as well!

Getting A Good Flight Deal

There are numerous ways of going on a careful spending plan. Certain individuals decide to fly, others like to drive and some even settle on additional drastic actions like strolling or in any event, bumming a ride.

On the off chance that you’re searching for a modest flight, you genuinely should look at costs across all carriers, as a few propositions preferred bargains over others.

Here are a few hints on the most proficient method to get the best flight bargain:

Pay special attention to bargains that last longer than about fourteen days – they’re typically less expensive than those that main most recent multi week or less on the grounds that they will generally be less expensive than those that last longer because of the lower number of travelers and carriers at those seasons

Check on the off chance that there are any promotion codes accessible – a few sites offer limits when you join as another client, while others offer them as a current client – this is uplifting news since it intends that actually bargains are being offered despite the fact that individuals have utilized them as of now.

Go Off Season

Going during the slow time of year is an extraordinary cash saving tip for your excursion. The best times to go are in the fall and spring when temperatures are cooler and there is less interest for flights and lodgings. What’s more, many individuals have some time off from their bustling lives in the late spring months and travel during this time.

You can get better rates on flights, inns and vehicle rentals. You might find less expensive costs for food, gas and different conveniences that you might require en route.

The most awesome aspect of going slow time of year is that it permits us to encounter various societies and ways of life without being overpowered by sightseers or excessively jam-packed places. We get to encounter a greater amount of what makes each spot novel while likewise having an opportunity to visit places we wouldn’t in any case.

All in all, to remain in one more country for any period of time can be costly. There are numerous ways you can decrease these expenses, particularly assuming you know where to look. You needn’t bother with to be rich to live it up travelling – simply be brilliant!

CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S PAKISTAN ?? (Didn’t expect this)

A huge thank you to koat.com for covering the flights of this trip and getting me to Pakistan so by now I guess most of you know how this works I show you some news clips about the country in question breaking news out of Pakistan there’s a crisis in US Pakistani relations mixed messaging coming from Pakistan magazine settle your problems world leaders are urging Pakistan and India to take some deep breaths and then I go there and see what it’s like behind the headlines but.

Things to say there’s one place once described as the world’s most dangerous country that’s offering up a pleasant surprise Pakistan so should we see if we can find that pleasant surprise this man’s talking about I’m confident we’re gonna find something that I was expecting to see everyone should come in Pakistan there’s nothing wrong with it wonderfully peaceful now welcome back to Pakistan here we are at.

We are sitting above the capital city of Islamabad today we’re going to explore I hope to show you kind of the older than you because I am so impressed by the city so far the infrastructure isn’t saying like some places you could be in Europe and I never expected to see this in Pakistan honestly speaking I thought it would be a lot less developed but my mind’s been blown so today I hope to show you a combination of the older than you here again with Shabazz and we meet again hi guys we’re heading to like.

Newer parts are as well right so we’re probably going to a food feed-in Rawalpindi so al Williams lama a kind of like you know Twin Cities okay so Dom maybe will be going to the older town part and I have a cool transport system here it’s basically like a bridge that goes over the top of all the traffic and you call it a metro bus right yeah it is like the perfect weather to be here like it’s bright sunny and still not unbearable that’s yes beautiful weather.

So we’ve come down to this area where there’s like food and souls and arts and crafts and things and lots of families having fun and there are fairground rides in the background you know lots of families and women and children around really nice quiet atmosphere one of the reasons that Islamabad is so much more chilled out than Karachi in terms of just you know mass intense crowds as the population is significantly smaller it’s one-twentieth of the size of Karachi. people living in Islamabad were as twenty million plus up and down in Karachi so it makes a huge difference and that’s the Karachi did use to be the capital city but now that it’s up here and interesting there are camels there are monkeys cats it’s all happening. the point we’ve come to another city it’s still one city because there goes through and kind of join but this is the older part and it’s called rapidly welcome John in America so yes definitely you can tell it’s a lot less developed and a bit more similar to Karachi then Islamabad and it’s got you know double the population then Islam about Salaam alaikum earth here is like an old market area and then there’s a bunch of streets lots.

We’ll have a look around and see what we can find estimating live New Zealand yeah a cha-cha this Pesa New Zealand rupees a dollar gift oh and rupees oh I have no New Zealand dollar I think he’s asking for New Zealand Dollars rupees reveal let’s go gather repair she’s saying here’s currency from all over the Oh every country, okay he just collect init from Hirai right I have no New. Zealand so what is the water bottle motel Malaya yeah sure so there man they just offered to go and buy us tea as you saw so he’s going to grab some tea so I’ve been offered tea by so many local spirits I guess it’s the tradition to offer a foreign here’s a really interesting looking mosque up here so I’m gonna have a look so yeah I didn’t realize little tents there when I went to that mosque but just saw them when I was filming it and you can see lots of kids here. guess they’re asking for money oh thank you, sir, thanks Sofia okay so my new friend Hyatt Tula has just brought me a tea lovely man and we might ask him a few questions how long have you been selling bags for autopsy is just a lot back yeah man you begged or Be chat over here talking about that stuff they come back you know decide so he’s been here for ten nine-ten years old right and it’s good business I touch a lot of a robot is that it’s working well. feel safe and secure living here property man who could never love chamois sugar and hungry he’s very pretty happy and satisfied once I got to that key right like having a peaceful was it always like that or was ten years ago a bit harder but Gaston Capela told us a Corrupter have your sugar and humble abode about the surface the situation the security situation every situation a little bit harder before but now it’s very peaceful and calm and the business as well.

Visit he’s like Pakistan the Pakistani army we place like we should come and visit okay what about the kids living in the corner there they like these kids where they live in the corner by the mosque and like plastic and tents and things where do they come from ghetto Pakistan today I see Pakistani retail I can imagine henna up now we’ll go order henna till either a lager window gotta mention the residents of Pakistan they’ve been. and the kind of feel home here so they’re like I decided to stay here APNIC is behavior so they are in a banana or one Cabeza in giving us mo dude here in Capacete a lake in here okay so cording to him they have the weight will their own houses somewhere but they like living in tents and this is a ring of money support no me others well I so did I work or how did I get the money you come on to be here now that’s life and comes with animal notice so basically on the bag for money and here is how.

To him they have the money and so begging is pays reasonably well because we’ve seen quite a few big as well well at least while I’ve been in Pakistan Bill Clinton over those big magnets I check on my user in Liguria I’m the Durbin hi out there yeah I carry a video with a logo for they make like put the money they even have there done they have even had their own house they own them and they gave it on rent but they like living here in this so. buy houses and then rinse after houses so they’re good business people than right this way henna up name both of us business chad way Capobian attention Liam tell me the habit and you know they logo bucatini is like their business is flourishing and it’s been some time getting tense on how we’re going aren’t profit earned money but they don’t have any intention because it’s furnishing always like the very stable in that sense, of course, it does alright so Korea and Sucre are for the chai.

Okay so we just took a walk down the road we’ve made a woman selling some items here and we’re gonna ask her a few questions can you just ask her to like introduce herself come on that’s McKinley come on, even so, how is it being a businesswoman here in Pakistan is it easy or their limits model immediately you gotta be bear aware sure gonna be BPA, Mr. Liotta, till I become an Acharya a. like she’s like it’s hard for me particularly because I’m suffering from a few diseases as well but he says yeah I have to let run into her in my house and pay my rent for my right those are limits due to health but how about limits to do society is it easy to be a woman and start your own business here well do did you come if she does it will be pain different for women to run a business like a man are doing so they all like working hard to earn money as these people have given for this space. in Pakistan Guardian coming to come on a balloon Kashkari she’s like the women who don’t have anyone to earn for them they are like kind of surprised they don’t know how to lead their life that’s kind of a self-limitation what about just the society does she feel comfortable being a woman and doing whatever she wants the carnival Immediate the carnival a detainers heavy mu J to resume a passive guardian of the Tama bigger Bhima is Bota she is like all the dear men around me but they.

That men here are supportive towards the men were joining fire and their business right okay okay shoe clear okay[Music]so Shabazz has just picked up and demolished a bit of Street food here what do we have that’s roll paratha that’s like fried bread with chicken different sauces in it that’s like kind of really common here it’s like really comes in handy when you’re walking and just having food you can have it like. you don’t need to a specific lease it somewhere to have it you can just walk in and do your work in this job so it’s chicken mayonnaise and fried bread right and some different you know pieces in it as well probably right on that yogurt mixture with spice I have it just made a young man called a quorum for the entry interesting to interview a younger gentleman can you just ask him what he’s cooking today I’ll be here we go another chicken tikka okay Ryanthat’s that’s another quite famous dish.

Right will he study or will he just work here study now he is focusing on the world what does he like to do for fun[Music]students when is like done working he likes to race does he work quite long hours get the naked Japan hour is it Tina okay what did you order getting some strawberry vanilla shake. it cost me 200 rupees300 just come to the metro station and now we’re going to show you the fill up this guy okay he’s a nice guy okay[Music]of him happy home okay cool so we’re going to jump on the metro and the metro is a bit different here it’s not on a rail it’s a bus but everything else is identical so I’ll. idea because to alleviate the crazy traffic just drive over the top of it Timms but there so it’s 30 rupees per token and that will get you pretty much anywhere as far as you want to go across the shitty so it’s a lot cheaper than uber, uber still cheap you can get like pretty much across the city for less than 300 rupees anyway security here okay ok ayas you can see that’s a really good way to get across the city if you’re in.

Biggest shopping mall in Islamabad it’s in Taurus wall okay and might get some food and just see what it’s like show you guys I haven’t tried heaps and heaps of Pakistani food but so far this is winning the competition it’s mainly chickpeas would like some onion and a bit of salad and then some like kind of hard cracker things I highly recommend go like a bit of. chickpeas okay so we were just sitting down having some food and we were approached by this gentleman here what was your name my name is me Mir I’m Nick and so you have a YouTube channel and you’re making a video that while foreigners okay okay and so you’re making videos differences in cultures between Pakistan and foreign countries well I’ll put the YouTube on the screen what’s the name of the channel. watching this will come to have a look at your channel subscribe my channel yeah that’s what I’m saying right now yeah yeah alright good luck alright later that same evening you’re probably not watching this channel to see shopping malls but let’s call the show you know both sides you know the infrastructure here and Islamabad is you know shocked me in a good way road are well-sealed and painted and marked and the metro system is a really good idea just basically go over the top.

Pakistan’s an up-and-coming tourist destination reinforcing the fact that everybody I have talked to here and what I’ve experienced it’s safe to travel as a foreigner if you’re American or if you’re British or if you’re European doesn’t matter if you’re a New Zealander like me you will be accepted here anyway so in the next video we’re going further north we’re going into some more remote mountain regions so I hope that you will come along with me and join me for that adventure we’ll. there are so many characters to meet here it’s just an abundance of characters say anyway in case I don’t see you good afternoon good evening and good night

‘Ertugrul Ghazi’ crossed 200 million views

‘Ertugrul Ghazi’ crosses 200 million views on PTV’s YouTube channel

‘Ertugrul Ghazi’ crosses 200 million views on PTV’s YouTube channel

A seen from Ertugrul Ghazi drama series.
A Scene from “Ertugrul Ghazi” drama series.

“Ertugrul Ghazi” drama series has racked up 3 million subscribers on Pakistan’s Television (PTV) YouTube channel, an official of the Turkey’s TRT TV said on Monday.

Popular Turkish historical and fiction series  is setting new records of viewership in Pakistan after the country’s state-run broadcaster started airing it in Urdu language.

A large number of people also turned to YouTube to watch the Urdu version during the corona virus lock down.

An official of Turkey’s TRT TV on Monday revealed that the the show has surpassed 200 million views on “TRT Ertugul BY PTV” channel and it is nearing 3 million subscribers.

“We’ve now passed 200 million views in Urdu and getting close to 3 million subscribers,” he wrote on Twitter.

Home Shifting Services in Karachi

Pakistan Movers is a reliable name in moving and packing services. Pakistan Movers is a reliable name in moving and packing services. They are running well known home shifting services in Karachi.

PSL Live Streaming Website Launched

Pakistan Super League 2019 PSL live Streaming Web Site Launched. The Wesite Provide you PSL live Streaming, PSL Schedule, PSL Points Table, PSL Squad, PSL 4 Highlights 2019. The Pakistan Tremendous League is the leading home T20 League owned with the aid of the Pakistan Cricket Board. The primary adaptation of the league commenced in 2016 and in 2019, the league is going to hold its 4th Model. The league is abbreviated as ‘PSL’ and likewise often called ‘HBL PSL’  as per the title sponsorship affiliation with the Habib Bank Limited.

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