Pakistan Corruption – What is my role to Stop it!

What is Corruption:
Corruption is the phenomenon of moral or economical deviation from the ideal. Corruption is a world-wide social disease which has spread like jungle fire and impacting millions of lives every day consequently polluting every society.

What are different Types of Corruption:
· Financial Corruption (frauds in terms of money, land, tax or any other economical domain)
· Relationship Corruption (Unfair treatment, depriving from the rights, backbiting etc)
· Self Corruption (short cuts in life, negative deeds etc)
· Character Corruption (de-faming someone, back biting, gossips etc)
· Atmospheric Corruption (throwing garbage in streets, not having the car serviced now and then, using old engine high-smoke vehicles)
· Social Corruption: traffic signal violation, queue breaking,

Am I corrupt?
Do I reach office later? Or leave office early? Do I use facilities provided by office for my personal use (for which office does not know)? Do I break the queue at any public place? Do I violate traffic signal? Do I throw the garbage/bags/stickers at any public place? Do I pay the tax/zakat honestly? If answer to any of these question is Yes, then yes you I am corrupt.
Always remember, If I am violating any law by any means then I am promoting the disease of corruption. For example, if I violate the red signal on the road or violate the queue at any public place then a lot of people observing me will tend to do this whenever and wherever they get a chance. So, in the long run, I am equally responsible for the bad deeds done by others.

How to eradicate / reduce corruption:
· Assurance of Law and order.
· Equal Treatment of all human beings at all level.
· Proper Control of documents, records and processes to have solid grip on activities at all levels.
· Timely audits and investigations to be done at all levels of personal/official/business level.
· Punishments examples to be set so that others can stay away from bad deeds.
· Keep clarity and transparency at all levels starting from the formulation of the programs / projects / schemes / welfare measures / mechanism with the full participation of all the stakeholders. This article written by Junaid (mjunaidtahir at gmail dot com – feel free to comment)
· Anti corruption squads to be more active. Bribery should be punished immediately.
· Justice to be ensured. It is said, Justice delayed is Justice denied.
· Legal restrictions and regulations need to be in place

What is my role in all this:
· · I shall stop whoever I observe doing corruption. I shall not only complain when corruption is done against me, but I shall speak up all the times regardless who is the subject & object of the corruption.
· I shall teach my friends and family members (including kids) about bad consequences of corruption.
· I will not give money to anyone for fast service for getting things done quickly in any illegal way.
I shall not violate any law. I won’t do any illegal/illogical act.I shall always be on the right side of the law.
We can not control Corruption unless and until each one of us perform our responsibilities inline with Law and Order regulations. Further, Education and awareness is required very much to control corruption. We know that education and awareness are the major factors which control our thought process. Our thoughts lead us to actions so our thoughts are the roots of our action. Hence, purity in our thoughts is the root cause of our character. hence Education and awareness is extremely important.
Controlling corruption is the need of the hour in order to make the planet a peaceful place to live in.

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