US Travel restrictions

US Travel restrictions

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States has implemented various travel restrictions in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. These restrictions have had a significant impact on the travel industry, and have made it difficult for many people to travel to and from the United States.

One of the most significant travel restrictions implemented by the United States is the ban on entry for non-US citizens who have been in certain countries within the previous 14 days. As of February 2023, the list of restricted countries includes China, Iran, Brazil, South Africa, the European Schengen Area, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. This ban does not apply to US citizens, permanent residents, or certain other exempted individuals.

US Travel restrictions

Another major travel restriction implemented by the United States is the requirement for all international air passengers to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before boarding their flight. This requirement applies to all passengers, including US citizens and permanent residents, and is designed to help prevent the spread of the virus across international borders.

In addition to these restrictions, the United States has also implemented various quarantine and self-isolation requirements for individuals traveling to the country. Depending on the state or territory of their destination, travelers may be required to self-quarantine for up to 14 days upon arrival and may be subject to additional testing or monitoring requirements.

These restrictions have had a significant impact on the travel industry, which has seen a sharp decline in both domestic and international travel since the start of the pandemic. Many airlines and hotels have been forced to cut back on staff and services, and some have even gone out of business as a result of the travel restrictions and decreased demand for travel.

Despite the challenges posed by these travel restrictions, many individuals and organizations have been working to find ways to safely resume travel to and from the United States. For example, some airlines have implemented enhanced cleaning and safety protocols on their planes, while others have developed new technologies and systems to help track and monitor the health of passengers.

There has also been significant progress made in the development and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, which many experts believe will play a critical role in eventually lifting travel restrictions and allowing people to travel more freely. As more people around the world become vaccinated against the virus, it is likely that travel restrictions will gradually be eased, and the travel industry will begin to recover.

In conclusion, the travel restrictions implemented by the United States in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have had a significant impact on the travel industry and on people’s ability to travel to and from the United States. While these restrictions have been necessary to slow the spread of the virus and protect public health, they have also caused significant economic hardship and have made it difficult for many people to see loved ones, conduct business, and engage in other important activities. As the world continues to grapple with the pandemic, it is likely that travel restrictions will continue to evolve and change in response to changing circumstances and new information about the virus.

Travelling On A Budget

Travelling is quite possibly of the most thrilling thing you can do in your life. You fly to extraordinary areas and meet intriguing individuals from everywhere the world. Be that as it may, going on a low spending plan can be comparably interesting assuming you know where to look.

Need to travel, yet entirely stressed over the expense? Simply relax – there are ways of going on a tight spending plan! In this blog entry, we’ll give you a few hints on the most proficient method to set aside cash while travelling. So don’t allow funds to keep you down – get arranging your next experience!

Think of A Proper Plan

This is the thing I like to call the “spending plan voyager’s fantasy“. Going in this manner implies that you don’t need to burn through every last cent each time you go out. All you want is a smidgen of information and some brilliant preparation.

The initial step to going on a low financial plan is to delineate your course. Contemplate where you need to go, the dates of your movements and how much cash you have accessible. To head off to some place far away, it could be ideal to begin with an objective nearby and sort out your direction.

When you have a thought of where you need to go and while making a rundown of things you really want for your outing. This can incorporate things, for example, convenience, food and transport costs. Think about any costs like air terminal charges or visa prerequisites as well!

Getting A Good Flight Deal

There are numerous ways of going on a careful spending plan. Certain individuals decide to fly, others like to drive and some even settle on additional drastic actions like strolling or in any event, bumming a ride.

On the off chance that you’re searching for a modest flight, you genuinely should look at costs across all carriers, as a few propositions preferred bargains over others.

Here are a few hints on the most proficient method to get the best flight bargain:

Pay special attention to bargains that last longer than about fourteen days – they’re typically less expensive than those that main most recent multi week or less on the grounds that they will generally be less expensive than those that last longer because of the lower number of travelers and carriers at those seasons

Check on the off chance that there are any promotion codes accessible – a few sites offer limits when you join as another client, while others offer them as a current client – this is uplifting news since it intends that actually bargains are being offered despite the fact that individuals have utilized them as of now.

Go Off Season

Going during the slow time of year is an extraordinary cash saving tip for your excursion. The best times to go are in the fall and spring when temperatures are cooler and there is less interest for flights and lodgings. What’s more, many individuals have some time off from their bustling lives in the late spring months and travel during this time.

You can get better rates on flights, inns and vehicle rentals. You might find less expensive costs for food, gas and different conveniences that you might require en route.

The most awesome aspect of going slow time of year is that it permits us to encounter various societies and ways of life without being overpowered by sightseers or excessively jam-packed places. We get to encounter a greater amount of what makes each spot novel while likewise having an opportunity to visit places we wouldn’t in any case.

All in all, to remain in one more country for any period of time can be costly. There are numerous ways you can decrease these expenses, particularly assuming you know where to look. You needn’t bother with to be rich to live it up travelling – simply be brilliant!

Hunza Marcopolo Inn Hotel, Hunza

Cheap Motels in Hunza 

Hunza Marcopolo Resort – Region and surrounding:

Hunza Marcopolo Motel lodge, Gulmit is located in Gojal Upper Hunza. Gulmit lies on the middle point between Karimabad and Khunjrab (Pak-China) border. Our lodge is situated within the village that’s so peaceable, scenic and has a breathtaking view. It’s simply accessible from KKH-CPEC route that the vacationers don’t need to seek for it for so long.

Local, some gorgeous locations attracting the vacationers embrace Attabad Lake is solely at a ten-minute drive, the 2d most threatening bridge of the arena-The Hussaini Suspension bridge, at a strolling distance and the amazing Borith Lake may be accessed within couple of minutes from right here.  Moreover, the miraculous Shimshal and Chipurson valleys will also be traveled easily after a stay at Marcopolo Motel.


If you are in search of a low-cost lodge in Hunza, Hunza Marcopolo Hotel, Gulmit could be your best possibility. The most important facilities embrace 24/7 electrical energy, contemporary water and Wi-Fi, car park, and fruits gardens surrounding it. Our rooms are extensive and neatly decorated with move air flow facilities. The view from their home windows is solely mesmerizing. which You can enjoy sunrise, sundown and the mighty Cathedral Passu Top whereas sitting in or simply out of doors your room.

We now have local tour guides who plan in addition to function your local tours. We take our visitors for day hikes and trekking to totally different viewpoints. There’s an historical Castle about seven hundred years outdated called Ondra Citadel and it takes about two to three hours hike to reach there. From there that you may take the view of six villages. Local transportation bookings are to be had to our company. Transportation to China is also given straight from our resort.

We offer continental and native/conventional foods at our restaurant. Furthermore, there’s an organic meals corner which provides dry fruits, pure apricot, coconut and almond oil and many others.

As track has at all times been the most important part of our tradition. So, Marcopolo arranges on-demand musical situations for its company, by which local singers and musicians operate in native, national and world languages.  Along with the, all these we’ve our own cultural museum which gives a throwback to our previous and our culture has been preserved in it.

Our resort remains open all the way through the yr, even within the freezing chilly wintry weather. All over winter we provide heaters in the rooms, warm water, and a few complementary seasonal fruits. The lakes local get frozen and the friends can experience skating on it.

We’re determined to offer our company with all the amenities lets. You’ll experience your stay!

Pakistan Tour 2015 – Complete Article


Pakistan Tour 2015, Kaghan Valley, Naran, Jheel Saiful Malook, Shogran, Shugran, Abbotabad, Rawal Lake view park, Islamabad tour, Kashmir tour, Balakot Tour

Pakistan Tour 2015, Kaghan Valley, Naran, Jheel Saiful Malook, Shogran, Shugran, Abbotabad, Rawal Lake view park, Islamabad tour, Kashmir tour, Balakot Tour

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PAKISTAN – The world’s best kept secret

I have been an extensive traveler, a true backpacker, having visited numerous countries on all continents. Pakistan had never figured in my calculus until I developed friendships with two Pakistanis; one gentleman from Lahore and the other from Karachi. These two shared a dormitory with me during my studies at the National University of Singapore (NUS). I found these individuals to be poles apart from the general depiction of Pakistanis that the media regularly portrays. What I had always gleaned from the media was that Pakistan was a country mired in terrorism and religious extremism, and was a highly unsafe place, especially for foreigners. Stories about how women were treated in the country were just as dismal. In stark contrast to these images, my Pakistani friends exuded warmth and wit; they were generous, well-meaning and easy to relate to. My curiosity about their country often led me to lengthy discussions with them. Their advice to me was that the only way to truly understand Pakistan was by paying it a visit. As my Lahore-based friend returned to Pakistan upon his graduation from NUS, I thought of grabbing a chance to visit the country. His response was very encouraging. My biggest problem, however, was my mother, who when learning of my plan, screamed and proclaimed me to be crazy. I cannot blame her, as her only knowledge about the country was through the media, which is solely interested in displays of violence and misogyny, thus missing 99.9 per cent of the Pakistan story.

However, as I had made up my mind to visit Pakistan, nothing was going to stop me. Since I desired to visit the Northern Areas as well, my friend from Lahore not only lined up a visit for me, he also took a break from his office to give me company. My journey from Singapore to Lahore (via Bangkok) felt strange, or rather unique, as I was the only foreigner on the flight. The gentleman sitting next to me was a doctor from Lahore. His amazement as to why I had chosen Pakistan as my holiday destination unhinged me for a moment. Later I understood that this was genuine curiosity rather than a voicing of concern regarding my security.

I was received at the airport by my friend. While driving to his home, I saw alleys of trees and greenery, clean streets and orderly traffic — quite unlike how I imagined Lahore to be. The next day, I woke up to a beautiful sunny morning and went around the city: to the historic fort and the Badshahi Mosque. I was wearing the traditional shalwar kurtathat my friend’s father had kindly gifted to me. Contrary to my expectations, nobody on the street gave me strange ‘look-there’s-a-foreigner’ looks. The evening was spent sitting on the rooftop of a restaurant on food street, listening to live instrumental music against the backdrop of the splendidly-lit Badshahi mosque, presenting an awe-inspiring spectacle. The desi cuisine was delicious and the spices were toned down at my request. The decor and architecture of the street were indescribably beautiful. I visited shopping areas, busy malls, high-end restaurants and roadside dhabas. There was not a moment, which gave me the feeling that I was at a dangerous or a conservative place. People were open, cheerful and absolutely normal while they went about their daily lives.

The bus ride from Lahore to Islamabad on the motorway was an experience in itself. Passengers were offered complimentary high-speed WiFi internet, sandwiches, juices and headphones, should they want to listen to music or watch a film. While in Islamabad, a visit to a local coffee shop was an eye-opener. I could see petite girls, walking in re-assuredly, hanging out with their friends late into the night, giggling and chatting. My stereotypes as to how women in Pakistan lived were now gradually fading away; more so when I saw so many of them all alone and independent, trekking the woods of the Astor Valley.

The drive to the Northern Areas through Kaghan and Naran was a breath-taking experience. There were nearly 20 of us in the coaster, and we quickly got to know each other. The next couple of days at Chilas, Astor and Shigar were exciting, as we camped in the wilderness, drank from the gushing springs and dipped in the pristine lakes. This was something I could not have imagined before. I felt so fortunate to have a view of the mighty Indus and imposing snow-capped peaks at the same time. The drive through the Deosai plains was incredibly stunning with a tapestry of colourful flowers spread in the wilderness. The silence was a balm for the ears. We passed through several villages and went hiking. The locals always greeted us with smiles, while those who were far away in their stone-and-mud houses, just waved. Contrary to my experience in many countries, I did not see anyone begging for money or harassing tourists. My visit to the Nanga Parbat base camp created an unforgettable memory. It was August 14, Pakistan’s Independence Day. One could see Pakistani flags fluttering all around. I thought I had reached the real Pakistan, closer to nature and close to national passion.

While our visit ended on a happy note, one thing continued to bother me throughout the visit — the all too obvious ‘VIP culture’. In Astor, despite our booking at the PTDC rest house, we were asked to camp outside on the lawn for the night because some higher-up had landed with his guests, resulting in the cancellation of our booking. The dinner time was at eight but we were kept waiting until 11 as the ‘VIPs’ were still sitting around in the dining hall long after dinner, enjoying their cup of tea. Later, I found myself on the other, privileged side of ‘VIP culture’. On our way back, we were stopped at the Chilas check post and were asked to go via the KKH-Bisham route, which would have taken us six hours longer. The officials on duty were not allowing any vehicle to take the Naran-Kaghan route, which was far shorter. Now was the time for my friend to pull some strings. He called up his father, a retired senior government official. After a short wait, there was a wireless message at the post, which allowed our vehicle to travel via Kaghan saving us six long hours of travel time.

During my sleepover in Islamabad, there was also the unfortunate incident of the bomb blast in which the Punjab home minister tragically lost his life, signifying the challenges that the country still faces. I immediately got a panicky call from my mother. I had to calm her down and drew her attention instead to the bombings in Bangkok that had happened around the same time, and where I had previously studied for my A-levels.

While I took off from Lahore on my journey to Vienna and on wards to home, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of how incredible Pakistan was! What is needed is a better understanding of the country by the world. I would reiterate the advice given to me by my Pakistani friends. Don’t take my word for it, go visit Pakistan and see it for yourself.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 18th,  2015.