Israeli Intelligence in Pakistan

Security agencies in Pakistan arrest a Mossad operative from Lahore

By : Mansoor Asghar Raja
[Daily Ummat newspaper (Urdu), translated by the TX Desk]
For the first time in history, an Israeli agent of Pakistani origin has been arrested from Lahore, who is reportedly from the Seraiki belt region. Sources have revealed that the culprit was held at Guantanamo Bay for two and a half years, during the course of which he was subjected to brainwashing. After that, he was sent to Afghanistan where he was specially trained to plan terrorism. And finally, he was sent back to Pakistan.

Credible sources told Daily Ummat newspaper that the individual’s identity, who is under spotlight, has been kept confidential for now. He is 40 years old and holds a Masters of Science in Information Technology. When he was arrested from a posh area of Defence housing society in Lahore a few weeks ago, he resorted to extreme resistance. Upon arrest, a large cache of weapons, maps of sensitive installations and a laptop were recovered. It came as a surprise development during screening of the culprit’s laptop that he was in touch with people in Israel via email communication; he had been sharing details of sensitive installations with his handler who was in Jerusalem. According to sources, his email inbox was filled with emails from IP addresses traced to Jerusalem. After these startling discoveries, when the culprit was subjected to special interrogation mechanisms, he finally confessed that he was working for Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad.

He further revealed that from Guantanamo, he was sent to the frontier city of Spin Boldak in Afghanistan at a village known as “Raazik Panchheeri” where a purpose-built centre served as base for his training. The village mentioned is the hometown of Kandahar’s spy chief, whose hatred for Pakistan is well-known. It also surfaced during investigations that the training centre was specially allocated for militants who were to be deployed into Pakistan for attacks; it is directly supervised by the Indian Consulate in Kandahar. Besides Indian consul staff, presence of Israeli Mossad operatives was also established who recruit and train stray Pakistanis. For this purpose, militants use the region of Pashin to move to and fro from Pakistan which lies at a strategic location where borders of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran meet.

Sources say that presently, about 250 Pakistanis are under training in the camp, majority of which comprises of young Baloch men. Most of them are those for whom a lot of hue and cry is raised in Balochistan that they are “Missing Persons”.

The arrested culprit was also involved in the attack on a Pakistan Army camp adjacent to the River Chenab in Gujrat city on July 9, 2011. Similarly, he was behind the killing of KPK jail police in Icchra, Lahore on July 12, 2011. The culprit has confessed that he has killed upto 200 security officials. A large stash of money was found in his possession which he said was provided to him by the Mossad.

The arrested terrorist said that all the members in his circle are well-educated; most of them have been arrested also. The terrorist added that a robust network of Mossad is operational across Pakistan which is working on many high-level terrorist plans in connivance with the Indian intelligence RAW.

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