A Good SMS Circulating In Karachi

Yes we are bad in many things, 

But are we not good in many things too?
Then why do we not talk about it?

Subject: A Good SMS Circulating In KarachiI am not just bombs, poverty and corruption.

I am EdHis Philanthropy.
I am Arfa Karim’s brilliance.
I am Afridi’s exuberance.
I am Miandads six.
I am Nusrat Fateh Ali’s vocal chords.
I am fastest growing IT industry.
I am in four weathers.
I am second highest mountain.
I have 8 0f 20 highest peaks.
I am 7th nuclear power.
I am 4th nation to build cruise missiles.
I broke soviet union.
I am hospitality.
I am epitome of resilience.
I am the best armed forces of the world.
I am one of the few bravest nations of the world.
“Yes I Am Pakistan – May Allah Bless Pakistan”

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